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Observe | What's there?

Record | How healthy and extensive is it?

Protect | Physical actions, robust data, and campaigning.

Restore | Seagrass restoration.

In that order, these are the goals of Sea Kintyre.  To campaign for protection, to educate, and to monitor progress, we first need to know what is there, how healthy it is, and how extensive.  We need to identify and record each species, and build up reliable data on its health, and any trends.  We can use this data to go to the authorities and campaign for designated protections, such as Marine Protected Areas.  We can also use the data to campaign for funding to help us protect and, ultimately, to restore fragile habitats.  Seagrass was once extensive along the coast of Kintyre but is now limited to small patches. Likewise maerl.  And there is a growing movement to restore these precious habitats. 


By giving people a chance to take part in marine conservation - to get under the surface and experience what's there, we hope to encourage more sustainable consumer choices; choices about what seafood we buy, and how it is fished.


We are at the beginning of a long road towards a healthier marine environment, and we'd love your help to get there faster!


Be part of it!

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